June 2015 WWTA Tennis Update – Parents may now add child accounts and oversee the account until they turn 18 years of age.

For Immediate Release 6/13/2015
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Ron McDaniel
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The online system for Tennis management, the WWTA Tennis System added a critical feature to allow parents to set up and manage accounts for their children.  This is the first feature of its type that allows parents to develop a tennis profile with their kids in a safe manner and automatically release the account to the child on their 18th birthday.  Parents may release the account sooner if they desire.  Full instructions on how it works are posted here: wwta.today/wwta-tennis-guide/

“Responsible online behavior is critical for us.  Our goal is to create a robust online community for Tennis players that is safe, friendly and secure,” said Ron McDaniel, founder of the World Wide Tennis Association.  “We need to have accurate names, birth date and location information in order to assure proper competition and ranking.  And we need to make sure parents feel safe submitting that information to us.”

This feature will lead to more active online participation of Tennis players of all ages and will assure that parents are able to easily manage multiple child accounts without needing multiple logins or not being able to see what is going on with a child’s account.

This is the first of many updates after the Beta release of the system in May 2015.

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Ron has started several businesses around technology and communications. He founded the WorldWide Tennis Association to use his technical skills to improve tennis players ability globally to compete, get ranking and have fun without unnecessary barriers.