The WWTA Awards feature provides players of all levels to display their awards and achievements.

Players may upload their own awards and the WWTA system will also update awards to players when achievements are made in WWTA Tennis events.

tennis trophy caseDefault Tennis Trophy images are used and players may always upload a real picture of them holding the real award, as a way to create a great history of their tennis accomplishments over a lifetime.  Players may edit details of their uploaded awards, and may delete any awards in their profile.

The details of the award have an optional link that can link to any tennis site, news story or information about the event.

Clicking on smaller tiles will bring up the details of accomplishment at the top.  Clicking on the larger image at the top will bring up the full size image uploaded.

This feature has been designed to show a rich tennis history for a player that may not still keep the small medals and trophies from their childhood but can look back and see their development as a player.

Player does not have to have physical tennis award to upload a milestone,

Each individual detail page of an award can be shared separately in social media and looks great.

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