One of the main central features of the WWTA Tennis System is that each account gets its own news wall.Tennis News Wall

This feature combines the best of social media walls but also protects players from negative comments and potential gamesmanship in the tennis system.

Players cannot comment on each other’s walls.  The system generates a lot of news for players, which they may remove using the delete button in the upper right of any post.

Players may post news, comments, images and video via the “Add Your Atatus” box.  Type in a web address and the system will try to import the news from the page.  Drag and drop one or up to six images to share pictures.  Paste in youtube code to display videos and use test only to add comments.

Players can support one another with the “heart” button in the lower right, but we do not have a feature for commenting on someone else’s posts.  There are many places online to have those kinds of discussions and we have chosen at this point to focus on the positive, instead of allow negative comments.