The World Wide Tennis Association Ranking System is designed to differ from existing sporting points systems in several ways.

  1. Generosity – The WWTA Tennis Ranking System awards points for more activities than typical systems.  While minor points will not impact more serious player ranking, it gives new players a sense of accomplishment and a base to work from, encouraging continuing to get better.
  2. Frequency – The WWTA Tennis Ranking System uses more scores per year than other associations or professionals.  This encourages more play, more competition and a broader spectrum of scores.
  3. Standardized – The WWTA Tennis Ranking System is standardized to be a) easier to understand, b) mathematical scaling, c) inclusive of all levels of tennis in one system and d) the exact same points count for all players.
  4. Inclusive – Over time we will incorporate the results of all major tournaments into our scoring system as well as allow people to conduct their own events.
  5. Draw Size Impact – The number of rounds played impact the number of points that can be earned.  This encourages players to help promote tournaments instead of hoping for a small draw to make winning easier.

As we implement these various systems we reserve the right to tweak scoring.  Check back here for new scoring additions as they become available – we will only publish the portions of the scoring that are relevant to released features in our program.

Overall Ranking
  • Singles Rank is based on top 20 Singles points awarded in the last year.
  • Doubles Rank is based on top 20 Doubles points awarded in the last year.
  • Combined Ranking is based on the top 20 results from Doubles and Singles in the last year, with a maximum of 15 results from either side.
Individual Match Scoring

Anyone can record an individual singles or doubles match in our system if all players are in the system and all players are connected to the person adding the results.

  • 3 Set or 5 Set Match Winners Receive 25 Points
  • Single Pro Set Winners Receive 10 Points
  • Losers get 1 point per game won, to a maximum of 8 points
  • No Points Awarded for Forfeit unless at least 1 set is played.
  • Any age, gender or skill level may play individual matches against anyone else and receive these points.