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Parents are always responsible for what their children do online until those children become legal adults.

For that reason, the World Wide Tennis Association gives parents three options to help their children have a safe and meaningful online tennis experience.

While the legal age of adults vary based on country and sometimes regionally, we have decided to maximize flexibility and to make some assumptions based on standards. AT 18 years of age, a child may unhook the account from the parent, regardless of country or desire by parent.  Before 18, a parent may share access with the account or even unhook the account, while they are still considered responsible for their child’s activities.

The first step is for a parent to set up their own account.  Even if they are not going to play matches, they can still manage their children’s tennis accounts and stay involved in tennis, as well as record matches and manage all aspects of children’s accounts.

Step 1 To Setting Up Child Account

Set up your own normal account.  Then go to settings by clicking on your icon in the top left and go to settings.  Then click the create child button in your settings page.

Step 2 To Setting Up Child Account

Decide how much control you will give them.

Here are the three options:

  • Full Parents Oversight – To maintain all control of your child’s account, use your email instead of their email.  You will be able to jump back and forth between accounts and they cannot access the account unless you give them the password.  This is the best option for kids 13 and under.
  • Shared Access – For kids ready to use their account, you can use their email address and a user and password will be sent to them.  They will have full control of their account, but the parent will also be able to access and have full control of account.  At any point in time, the parent could change the email and password in the settings and lock the child out of the account.  If they child changes those details, the parent can still access the account through their own account.
  • Releasing Access – If your child is older and very responsible, you may choose to release their account.  (Located in the lower portion of the settings page) – Once done, parent no longer has any oversight or control of the account.
    • Children that turn 18 may remove parent themselves – the option appears at the top of the settings page after their 18th birthday.
  • Step 3 To Setting Up Child Account

    Set up is a simple process.  Once completed, if you click on the icon in the tool bar of you, your child accounts you have access to will make it easy to jump back and forth between accounts.

    Tips for Child Accounts

    • What is public?  By default, Name, City, Region and Country are public information – along with the image you post.
    • You may use images that are not close up or are of general tennis if you do not wish your child’s image to be posted.
    • Only people that are connected to you or your child can send a message, other than connection requests.
    • Review online safety with your children if they have any access to their account.