WWTA Ladders are a great way to have more fun in your local groups as you compete in Tennis.  The free Tennis ladder software is integrated into the entire WWTA system which includes free membership as well.  If you are not a World Wide Tennis Association member, set up your account here.

A Tennis ladder is a casual ranking system where each tennis player occupies a rung on the ladder.  The top person is the highest ranked ladder person based on tennis ladder results.  It is not based on total ranking points in the system globally.

The WWTA Tennis Ladder is sort-able and can be resorted by win loss percentage, ladder points and wins, losses.  The idea is to track progress of a group of tennis players as they challenge each other.

Setting Up a Tennis Ladder

Any member of WWTA can set up a tennis ladder.  We recommend you first search for a local tennis ladder to see if there is an active ladder that meets your needs.  Use the ladder icon in the top bar after you are logged in.

  1. You will need to define a default tennis court for your tennis ladder.  If your tennis court is not in the WWTA system you can add it with the tennis court icon in the top bar.
  2. There are three types of tennis ladders.  Public – anyone may join that meets criteria. 2) Club only – anyone can join that is a member of a club and meets the criteria or 3) Invite only – where only people invited may join.  (Essentially keeping it private)
  3. Default court must be selected to show people the area the club is in.  Players may play on other courts as well and record ladder matches.
  4. Ladder name should be descriptive.  For example, under 18 should be called a Junior Ladder.
  5. Start Date and End Date define the times when a tennis ladder is active.
  6. Gender may be specified or it may be mixed.
  7. Match type is singles, doubles and multiple doubles which allows people to be part of multiple teams on the same ladder.
  8. Scoring precedence is simply the favored ranking item and will be the default view of the ladder, although it may be resorted by other scoring methods.
  9. Age Restriction – If you set up your ladder with an age restriction players cannot join or add matches when they no longer meet age requirement.
  10. Approval Setting – This setting allows either automatic approval, manual (admin must confirm) approval or Club only auto approval.  Club setting will only work if you are part of a tennis club.  It allows members to automatically join the ladder but non-club members must be manually approved.

Joining a Tennis Ladder

  1. Go to the ladder icon and search for a ladder
  2. Coming Soon …..

Tennis Ladder Points & International WWTA Ranking Points

tennis ladderWWTA Ranking Points are currently the same for tennis ladders and basic challenger matches.  25 points for a win and 1 point per game won in a loss, up to 8 points maximum, if you play a 3 set match or a 2 set match with a set tie break.  If you play a single pro set then it is 10 points for winning and up to 8 points (1 per game won) in a loss.  The only difference is that ladder points will only show up in ladder ranking if they have been recorded as a ladder match (lower right hand corner when you are on the ladder page and logged in)

Tennis Ladder Administration

Creators or owners of the Tennis Ladder may transfer owner to another ladder member.  They may add or remove players.  (Players that are added must approve the request to add them.)  Approve pending membership requests.  Also, edit the basic tennis ladder information and send email broadcasts to all the members of the ladder.