In order to play individual matches with people in the WWTA system, you must be connected with other tennis players.

There are two ways to do this.

1) Search for players – Click on the player icon in the tool bar or the view all option in the side bar with connections and you can search for players and also remove connections you currently have if needed.  You may follow a player (see their news wall integrated on your home screen) or request a connection.  If the other player approved the connection request, you will both be able to record matches between you and send each other messages, as well as see news of each other.  Either player may remove the connection at any time.

Do not connect with people you do not know, as they can record matches with you that may change your points, ranking and badges.

2) Invite Players – This option is for when someone is not currently a member.  Your invite will be via email and if the player signs up via your email link you will automatically be connected and can play matches.  If the player is already a member (matching an email on record) then it will change the request to a connection request.

Connections are Optional:  Please note, while you can follow anyone, players can turn off connection requests which mean they do not wish to connect with people or play individual matches.  They can still participate in Leagues, Ladders, Tournaments and more without connections.  (Some of these features may still be under development)