Tennis elbow affects a lot of athletes in many sports.  Characteristically it is pain in the elbow joint when someone  puts pressure on it.  Unfortunately there is no sure cure for tennis elbow.

However, having suffered from it for years and because I play tennis almost every day, I needed to find a way to manage my pain and not let it stop my play.  And a combination of things really made a big difference.  Even eliminating the pain most of the time.

I am no doctor, but I have found several things online that have helped as well as realizing something that you should consider that I found from experience, not from a tennis elbow website.

1) Stretches – There are three basic stretches you should do for 30 seconds to a minute each before playing that will minimize the pain during and after playing tennis.  The idea is to stretch the tendons in the arm and it has always helped, especially if you do it daily.

Tennis Elbow Stretch One – Pull hand down firmly but not until it hurts – hold 15-30 seconds


Tennis Elbow Stretch Two – Pull hand back firmly by fingers but not until it hurts – hold 15-30 seconds


Tennis Elbow Stretch Three – Turn arm over so palm to sky and pull fingers down – hold 15-30 seconds


tennis-elbow2) Tennis Elbow Arm Band – No idea why this works.  I have been told it more evenly distributes the impact.  You can buy a tennis elbow arm band and wear it below the elbow and it does seem to help.

By itself it will not cure tennis elbow, but using it as well as doing the stretching will help you build up more resistance to the pain.  In my case, after a few months I had no pain at all.  That was, until I went on vacation and did not play for two weeks.  That seemed to cause me to lose the conditioning and I h   ad to start over.

3) Anti-Inflammatory – Once I do have the pain, I make sure I take some sort of anti-inflammatory quickly.  Within an hour or less it frequently goes away.  Bad days I may need to take multiple doses and wait longer.  This is important for short term relief, but also because you do not want to still have it inflamed the next day when you play again – because it will only get worse.

4) How You Sleep – One thing I noticed is that I tend to damage my elbows by sleeping with my arms crossed under my head at night.  By trying to be conscious of my sleeping position, I have been able to reduce the number of mornings where I wake up with sever tennis elbow pain before even playing tennis.  You will have to experiment but things like sleeping on your back or having thicker pillows can help minimize the pressure on your elbows and decrease the problems you are having.



About The Author

Ron has started several businesses around technology and communications. He founded the WorldWide Tennis Association to use his technical skills to improve tennis players ability globally to compete, get ranking and have fun without unnecessary barriers.