Individuals who are interested in tennis need to be aware of the various ways the game is played, and how certain tournaments are structured. One of the competition events that is available to use as a playing option in tennis is the Tennis Compass Draw. This is a particular tournament that is used in many areas. It gives individuals the option to play in tournaments by using a bracket methodology. This is one of the things that can be done to give individuals useful experience in terms of their game.

Individuals are ranked in their geographic area and then they are moved along the brackets according to their win loss rankings. Compass Draws are some of the things to understand about the world of competitive tennis, and if you are in your first compass draw, you may find it hard to follow your movement through the brackets.

Each of the draws on the compass represents a particular point or area i.e, East, West, North and South. All players start out in the middle. When a player loses a match they simply move onto another point on the compass. All of the players start on the middle point of the bracket. In the first round of the competition, The winning players move onto the East bracket and the losing players move onto the West bracket. During the second round of competition the winning players stay in the East bracket, while the losing players move into the North Bracket. In a similar fashion the players from the West that win stay in their bracket,whereupon the losing players move into the South bracket. The same process continues where the losing players will move into the Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast and Southwest brackets in the competition.

Players log in to the completion online. They see whom they will be playing and play according to a time of mutual agreement. The home player gets to select the court location. The matches are the best out of 3 sets. There are either 3 or 4 seeding rounds depending on the size of the tournament.

Benefits to Players
The competition provide a structured way or players to get competition benefit. It can also be structured for Junior players to get experience playing in tournaments.  It gives multiple chances to play matches even when a player loses,  Often a player can earn ranking points for rounds even after a loss, although they are of less value.

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