WWTA Tennis Writer’s Guidelines

We get many WWTA Tennis writing job inquiries per month.  The only way we can evaluate potential paid authors is for prospective authors to do a guest article first. We only reply to authors we post, and authors are only eligible for paid opportunities after they demonstrate their articles will fit well with our publication and engage our readers.  We want to pay writers.  But it only makes sense if your article gets visitors to read it.

  1. Join the WWTA Membership (Free) and be an active user.  Your article signature will link back to your WWTA Profile.
  2. Review these guidelines – unlock the contact info below and let us know if you have questions.
  3. Send us your article – specify if it is a guest (free) post or if you would like payment.
  4. If we post your article, you are encouraged to promote it via email and social media.  Top traffic articles can earn bonuses and higher payment for future articles.

Basic Terms for All Article Submissions

  • WWTA Tennis publishes both paid and unpaid articles to the online magazine for our Association Members and the public in general.  Payment must be to pre-approved authors who have had one or more guest posts accepted first.
  • By submitting the article, Author give us the non-exclusive right to publish the article and images.
  • Payment for article gives the WWTA exclusive rights to content.
  • Author certifies that the content is unique and the author is the creator of the information and can grant us permission without infringing on any other copyrights.
  • Articles should not be promotional in nature unless approved in advance.
  • Minimum word count for paid articles is 350.
  • The WWTA reserves the right to make editorial modifications and publish in multiple locations.
  • Author may add one link to bio.  We reserve the right to remove link based on a number of factors.
  • We do give preference to articles with more experienced and in depth slant, but it is not mandatory if the topic is interesting.

Paid Article Guidelines

Paid articles are approved in advance and only offered to freelance authors which have had guest articles (unpaid) previously published on the WWTA or who are directly invited by our editorial staff.

Payment is via PayPal and requires authors to promote the article to their Social Media account after publication on WWTA Today.  We hope you are proud of your article and this is a non-issue.

Payment amount is a minimum of $10 per article (350 words or more) standard – may be more for authors who have bigger Social Networks or write longer, more in-depth articles.

We need to have a W9 form on file for US based freelance writers before a second payment is made.

Guest Author Guidelines

Anyone may submit an unpaid guest article to our site for consideration.  You should be familiar with our articles and our target readers for best results.

If your post is accepted, we will let you know via email.  We encourage you to promote your article via social media accounts to improve your visibility and article performance.

Guests posts may be lightly promotional but must be useful, interesting information for our readers.

We reserve the right to refuse or modify any submitted articles with or without permission from author.

To Submit Article:

Unlock the email below with a social media account to find our where to submit your article for consideration.