The World Wide Tennis Association is now open for Membership.

Free Tennis Association Membership to all users.

On May 17th, 2015 the World Wide Tennis Association launched the first beta of their online tennis association.

The global association is dedicated to promoting tennis internationally and creating a system of tracking and rewards that scales for all levels, from someone first picking up a racket to the professional players who want to participate.

To see a sample tennis profile, click here.

There are many features still being developed, but our goal has always been to get a solid, fun base going as quickly as possible and then to release new features regularly.  Look forward to a steadily improving set of features that will eventually include all levels of teams and tournaments, as well as improvements in coaching and clinic participation.

Thanks for visiting and please let us know what you think about your WWTA free tennis membership.

About The Author

Ron has started several businesses around technology and communications. He founded the WorldWide Tennis Association to use his technical skills to improve tennis players ability globally to compete, get ranking and have fun without unnecessary barriers.