Promoting a tennis club, tennis events and coaching programs is much easier with the free World Wide Tennis Association.  The WWTA is dedicated to promoting tennis as a premier sport for kids and adults alike world wide.

Growing the popularity of tennis starts with helping tennis clubs better connect with the local tennis players to get them playing more and bringing friends.

That is why WWTA has global tennis ranking standards and easier engagement to help make it fun and competitive no matter your age, level or budget.

In August, 2015, WWTA launched the tennis event promotion tool free for the public to use.  This tool is associated with courts and clubs and is ideal for any type of tennis event, including junior tennis clinics, cardio tennis, adult tennis, tennis tournaments or any other type of event a club would like to put on.  And even if there is no tennis club in your area, your local park and recreation department can use the system or even local community members.  As long as you have a court to host the event on, you can use WWTA to promote your tennis event.

Currently the WWTA does not collect money for your event.  If you are running an event with online checkout you can link to your webpage.  You may also instruct how to pay for tennis event in description.

Not familiar with World Wide Tennis Association?

The WWTA is located at and is free.  To post your event, first register as a player in the WWTA system.  Then search for your court / club.  If it is not in the system, you may add your court.  Then you may add tennis events to the court.

All of these items are formatted with code that is ideal for search and for social sharing.  Within minutes you can share your event and it will spread on social networks and show up in search engines quickly.

The WWTA mission of promoting tennis starts with great tools for tennis clubs to better engage membership and promote tennis events.  The entire effort started when planning a vacation and realizing how hard it is to find tennis events in other location and countries.  After a lot of looking, it became apparent that there is no global system for organizing and promoting tennis below the professional level.  This is odd, as many tennis players also travel extensively and would like to play at a local tennis club when they travel to a new location.  By promoting your events in WWTA, these tennis travelers as well as local players will find you and your tennis camps, workshops and clinics will be more successful – sign up and give it a try.


About The Author

Ron has started several businesses around technology and communications. He founded the WorldWide Tennis Association to use his technical skills to improve tennis players ability globally to compete, get ranking and have fun without unnecessary barriers.