Micro Tournament: North East Ohio 10 to 13 Girls Invitational

Tournament Winners

13 and Under

  • Niya Fried, Peninsula, Ohio – 1st Place
  • Maya McDaniel, Kent, Ohio – 2nd Place

trophies10 and Under

  • Kate Mills, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 1st Place
  • Brooke McNeal, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 2nd Place

Tournament Details

Tournament Date:   Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Time:  3:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.
Location:  LaTuchie Tennis Center
3200 Darrow Rd, Stow, OH 44224 (map)

Cost:   $29 (Discounted Court Fee Only – Paid to Club)
RSVP By:  1st 8 Players Only – (just added 2 courts – 3 open spots currently)
Organizer: Ron McDaniel
Phone:  330-815-2742
RSVP:  rm@wwtatennis.com

Tournament Overview

  • 3 Hour Tournament Format (Not your whole weekend)
  • First 8 RSVP Invited Players Only
  • No Trophies, Shirts or Awards – Just good practice
  • Run by Parents
  • No Shows must still cover court cost
  • All players play 3 rounds of 1 pro set each (7-7 results in 10 point tie break)
  • Coaching during match allowed
  • After Party – Bring something to share

Event Invitees

Maya McDaniel*, Sunny Fan*, Alexandra Wolf*, Lily Walker*, Niya Fried*, Pritam Garcha*, Brooke McNeal*, Kate Mills*, Alexa Mills*, Addyson Utterback*, Grace Vaughn*, Teddi Isherwood, Maria Primavera, Olivia Gidlow, Audrey Smitek, Natalie Smitek, Hannah Ma

Event is now full but let us know if you want to be on waiting list or included in future events

* Confirmed Participation

General Tournament Format

WWTA Micro Tournaments – Competitive Practice Tournaments

Micro Tournament General Details

  • Competitive Practice Tournaments
  • Designed to Help Develop Skill in Competitive Situations
  • Not Sanctioned or Managed by WWTA or USTA
  • People with history of bad sportsmanship may not be invited
  • Points in WWTA System if matches recorded
  • Can be organized by anyone
  • Cost may be kept low by eliminating shirts, awards, and paid staffing.
  • Each Player Brings New Unopened Can of Tennis Balls
  • Optional After Party – Food and Drink By Participants
  • Seeding Done by Local Ranking – May adjust by 1 to avoid siblings or regular practice partners playing in 1st round.
  • WWTA Ranking Points – 25 for Main Round Win, 15 for Consolation Win, 1 point per won game in match losses.

General Rules

  • 8 Game Pro Sets (10 Point Tie Breaks if 7-7)
  • 3 Matches if 8 Players, Everyone Plays 3 Rounds
  • Coaching Allowed 30 Seconds twice per match on change overs
  • Normal Tennis Rules for Point Play
  • If limited time or bad climate, may start each match tied 2-2
  • May be Ad or No-Ad scoring – must be same for all matches
  • 10 Minute break minimum between matches
  • 5 Minute Warm-ups before 1st match
  • Players must be registered (free) at WWTATennis.com
  • Tournament is invitation by organizer only (Contact for invitation)
  • Each player submits winning match scores via WWTA
  • Organizer resolves disputes – Matches should be fair and friendly

Girls 13 and Under

Consolation Final   Round 2 Consolation   Main Draw   Round 2 Main   Final Round Main
Niya Fried (8)
A. McDaniel (guest) Alex McDaniel (guest) N. Fried (8)
Consolation P. Garcha (8) Grace Vaughn (8) G. Vaughn (0) Main 1st & 2nd
P. Garcha (4) Pritam Garcha (2) N. Fried (8)
A. Wolf (8) Alexandra Wolf (6) M. McDaniel (3)
A. Wolf (8) Sunny Fan (8) S. Fan (5)
Consolation A. Mills (6) Maya McDaniel (8) M. McDaniel (8)  Consolation 3rd & 4th
A. Mills (8) Alexa Mills (3) G. Vaughn (5)
A. McDaniel (guest) S. Fan (4)

Girls 10 and Under Round Robin

Round 1   Round 2   Round 3  
 Addyson Utterback (6)   A. Utterback (2) K. Mills (8)
 Kate Mills (8)  B. McNeal (8) McNeal (3)
Lily Walker (6)  K. Mills (8) A. Utterback (8)
Brooke McNeal (8)  L. Walker (3)  L. Walker (2)

Printable Bracket (Right Click Image)WWTA TEnnis Tournament