Tennis is one of the most exciting sports to play. Its a sport which offers a total body workout, unlike some sports. However, it also requires a high level of precision and control. For that reason alone its crucial to choose a great tennis racket.

Perhaps you’re seeking more power, comfort, control, speed, or a combination of any of these features. Whatever the need there’s a racket that’s just right for you!

The search should take some time. It’s important to select the correct racket to enhance your game and increase the enjoyment quotient. In addition you’ll have more successful matches. Maybe even become an ace by hitting more aces; becoming the talk of the tennis club.

There’s a number of factors to consider. For instance, length is a factor which relates to comfort. Comfort, in turn, factors in making good shots. The legal limit for playing in tournaments ranges from 27 to 29 inches. A regular racket is 27 inches in length. For a better ground-stroke reach, a longer racket may be needed. In addition swing weight increases when the racket is longer.

For fast forehand or overhand strokes, a good grip is essential. A dampening and shock system is now being introduced in rackets, mostly on the major brands. Furthermore in the racket shaft sensor systems will reduce vibration, which increases velocity. By reducing vibration the air assists in increasing ball and racket speed with the motion of the racket.

Looking for power? Then you need a stiff frame. Good frame stiffness will take away less ball energy, creating a more powerful serve as a result. On impact a stiffer racket will not deflect as much energy, sending it towards where it should go: the ball. Your overhand power also increases substantially. Isn’t that cool?

There’s an old saying that power is nothing without control. If control is your purpose, a racket featuring a proportionate head size will fill the bill. A larger head will provide more focus and control over the strokes than a smaller one. On hits that are off to center, the larger area will offer more of a give as well. A range of 85 to 115 inches is the norm; the average racket most players carry is around 95 to 110. The myth that smaller rackets give more control is just that; a myth. Having more of a sweet spot is the way to go.

If you have a pro shop in a racket club close by the pros in these shops can often help you narrow your racket search.

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