In tennis, your serve is one of your most vital weapons. If you don’t have a reliable set of serves then you’ll find yourself at a severe disadvantage. Understanding the mechanics of a proper serve as well as focusing on the details can help you create a first and second serve that you can rely on. If you aren’t happy with the way you’ve been serving then maybe it’s time to break things down and rework the serves you have to give your game a real leg up.

1. Your Service Shouldn’t Be a Toss Up

Your service really starts with your toss. Many players find their toss to be most comfortable by maintaining their arm straight and releasing the ball as their arm rotates in front of them. This might be the most comfortable way to toss the ball, but it also comes with a set of problems. First, when you rotate your arm while it is straight you will notice that your arm is moving in a circular fashion, much like a windmill. When you release the ball it will continue on the path you started and move in a circular motion in the air. This type of toss will create a very inconsistent and difficult toss to strike. Try tossing while holding the ball just in front of your right leg (if you are right hand dominant). This will feel awkward at first but will give the ball a more natural and straight trajectory making it more consistent and easier to strike with the racket.

2. Get a Visual

We all know that form is very important in a tennis serve, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting things right. Have a friend take videos of a few practice serves. Watching these videos you’ll be able to see if there are any errors in your stance or form while serving the ball. You can also more easily see where you are striking the ball and if you need to change your grip.

3. Take a Second to Inspect Your Second Serve

All too often many players spend the majority of their time trying to perfect their first serve and forget that their second serve is often the more important of the two. You need to have a consistent and reliable second serve to fall back on. We all love to smash a ball on the first serve, but if you are really serious about your service you’ll pay more attention to the second serve. By perfecting your second serve you’ll also notice that your first serve will come to you more naturally, as you’ve cemented many fundamentals in your second serve.

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