2015’s tennis season brought many surprises and many record-setting moments. For some, it brought a sudden decline, unanticipated injuries, and devastating losses. Many of 2015’s shocking moments seem to predict the events of next season.

Novak Djokovic for one cinched his 10th singles grand slam title. He also managed to set a record for being the only person to hold 5 Australian Open titles in the Open Era. All eyes will be watching to see whether Djokovic can continue his streak of dominance and whether he will finish as the top player at the end of the season.

Serena Williams, ranked number one player for the second year in the row. For her 2016 season, she will again start the season in the top position. 2015 was a good year for her, she enjoyed her 700th career victory, was named Sports Illustrated’s Person of the Year, and exceed Chris Evert’s record of weeks for holding the number 1 position. It will be interesting to see if Serena can continue setting records and her level of intensity.

Where is Rafa Nadal? Although he still attends all the same tournaments, it seems like the “King of Clay” has not been making an appearance. Rafa Nadal’s dominance collapsed in 2015. He went from one of the “big four” to losing frequently to lesser ranked players. Through his collapse, Rafa has been very vocal about his insecurities both mentally and with his game. Many people have called for Rafa to chance coaches, his Uncle Toni has been his coach since the beginning, however Rafa’s refusal is tied directly to his dedication to his family. Whether the former Rafa Nadal will return is a mystery, and is a highly anticipated show that many will be watching in 2016.

Speaking of the disappearance of tennis players, where is Genie Bouchard? 2015 was quite a letdown for Genie Bouchard after her breakthrough in 2014. Although she had reached her final in 2014, her disappointing loss against Petra Kvitova seemed to kickstart her decline in 2015. Her season started with early losses and ended with a concussion and lawsuit against the USTA. Whether Bouchard will reach her form and continue to progress in the new 2016 season is a mystery.

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