Before getting into the list, let me just say that it is really dedicated and hard working parents that produce the great tennis players.  It cannot happen by accident.

However, for every person sure there kid is going pro, there are also 50 parents that just want their kid to have fun, and maybe play in High School and College.  If you are a Tennis Parent Nut, these other people are complaining about you behind your back already.  Here is the list:

  1. All your kids close balls are in – even if everyone else thinks it was 3 inches out.
  2. Your kids tennis bag is bigger than they are – even if they only have two rackets in it.
  3. Your kid goes through 4-5 pairs of tennis shoes per year – and they are quality tennis shoes.
  4. You have traveled to other states for tennis – and your kid is only 9 years old.
  5. When your kid gets beat, you have to find out details – well that kid is 9 months older than mine.
  6. No you cannot have a birthday cake, this house is gluten free.
  7. You home school  – to spend more time on tennis.
  8. You wish there were dedicated line judges – for every kids match.
  9. Your kid winning 6-1,6-1 – is no reason to celebrate.
  10. Low Bounce Balls – Fine for other kids but we are serious about tennis!

To one degree or another, these are all true for me, and if true for you as well do not worry – you may have a champ in the making – just ignore the whispers.

About The Author

Ron has started several businesses around technology and communications. He founded the WorldWide Tennis Association to use his technical skills to improve tennis players ability globally to compete, get ranking and have fun without unnecessary barriers.